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Mankind has always loved a challenge
Ever since he won the fight for survival
thousands of years ago
he has sought to replace
the instinctive need to fight – to win!
Throughout all areas of our world
the strongest will survive
games were invented to test the mind
and competitions for physical supremacy
exist within all civilisations
from the beginning of time
Our games and competitions
are just different
So if you want to race down a mountain
faster than anyone else
Make your first million
by the time you are thirty
Be the first to climb the highest mountain
or conquer the roughest sea
If you want to spend your life
in the seemingly impossible search for
a cure to disease
or if you just want to play
one round of perfect golf!
Relax and enjoy the challenge
and remember you are only obeying
a natural instinct ………!

Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Wedding Anniversary with mount B

Wedding Anniversary

Each year together
Like a step on a winding stairway
Full to the brim with memories and emotions
Love and laughter
comfort and excitement
“….do you remember the day”
and “Will I ever forget…”
Some sad times – not forgotten
but easier when shared
And always outnumbered by happier times
Life like a stairway
goes ever on to the future
A future with so much still to enjoy

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   
The words are also written on the back of the picture

1st Paper
2nd Cotton
3rd Leather
4th Fruit / Flowers
5th Wood
6th Candy / Iron
7th Wool / Copper
8th Bronze / Pottery
9th Pottery / Willow
10th Aluminium
11th Steel
12 Silk / Linen
13th Lace
14th Ivory
15th to Crystal
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond
65th Blue sapphire
70th Platinum
75th Diamond and Gold
80th Oak

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Celtic Love knot hp

Celtic Love Knot
When Love is new
it surpasses all that went before
When you are in love
it is the best place to be
when you have found
your one True Love
It is never-ending

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The shape of this drawing represents
the way in which relationships form society
We each a have a personality and the combination
of two or more personalities forms a relationship
this in turn affects surrounding relationships
and shapes society as a whole
Different areas of the world
have widely differing social structures
some are matriarchal and some are patriarchal
some societies even support combined family structures
similar to those in the animal world who separate
for example, offspring into a communal group cared for by
selected members of the group
not necessarily their parents
This drawing is a series of smaller drawings
depicting relationships
in this case restricted to 578 adults
with everything from the loving, happy, dependant, joyous,
funny, arguing, violent or supportive types of relationships
right thru’ to the same sex couples, love triangles
and the egoist in love with himself

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture
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Happy ever after

Falling in love is a game of chance – Getting married is a bit of a lottery
Luck will probably determine our fate
When you fall in love with some one you don’t know what else you might get
A bossy mother-in-law
An interfering brother-in-law
or a thwarted ex-lover lurking in the undergrowth!
You could find out that she was betrothed to the king of Prussia at birth
or that he is really the long lost heir to billions!
It is of course also true that you might get a second mother some wonderful children
in fact a whole new extended family who will welcome you with open arms into their homes
and only enter yours when asked!
We do not walk around with details of our religious preferencesnor our historical, social, financial or cultural backgrounds displayed permanently for all to study before a friendship starts So it’s usually too late – Love has struck
But only two fall in love – Only two get married – Only two have to live with their consequences
If only all “Well meaning” – “Interfering” – “Outsiders” would leave them alone to make their own decisions
To be together – To make their own mistakes – To live their own lives – Then there would be so much less heartache and so much more happiness ever after
For fun I have randomly selected some of examples of what you might get
If you are lucky or even if you are not – But remember Love has no barriers


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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The Key Featured

The Key      .
It may be just
somewhere that you hang your hat
It may be your lifes’ dream
It may be where your heart is
It may even be your castle
To you it may mean privacy
To you it may mean peace of mind
Your space to unwind – Your space to develop
Your space to be yourself
A key is not alive – it can not love you
But the Key to where you live
Is probably the single most important possession
that your soul will ever own.

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
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