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The Challenge

Mankind has always loved a challenge - Ever since he won the fight for survival thousands of years ago he has sought to replace the instinctive need to fight
to win! - Throughout all areas of our world the strongest will survive
Games were invented to test the mind and competitions for physical supremacy exist within all civilisations from the beginning of time
Our games and competitions are just different
So if you want to race down a mountain faster than anyone else
Make your first million by the time you are thirty
Be the first to climb the highest mountain or conquer the roughest sea
If you want to spend your life in the seemingly impossible search
for a cure to disease
or if you just want to play one round of perfect golf!
Relax and enjoy the challenge - and remember
you are only obeying a natural instinct .........!

Limited Edition Prints 1/950 - ​Signed & Numbered by the Artist

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