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Take the plunge

The people on the ledges represent
those ready to take the plunge!
The height, from which you step off
into the unknown, 
represents the level of difficulty
you are attempting
The rectangular columns below represent
the options you are attempting and
the spaces between represent failure
The people at the very top
are gambling all
hoping for the greatest reward
The blindfolded couple on the right
are hoping to get married
The ones on the lowest ledges
are only taking a small chance
hoping to get away without a parachute
some do - some don’t
Both the “ Give up the day job” and the
“Promotion” columns have someone
just climbing on to them and
someone else hanging on to the attempt
by their fingertips - They all make it
but sometimes it takes a huge effort
The person jumping up and down has just
won the Lotto and those sitting
or lying down are taking a rest
before continuing the fight
The blindfolds represent
the enormity of the attempt
Taking on a partner
for the rest of your life is a huge gamble
you can not possibly know
how you both develop and change
through all those years
although when it does work - it is great
The parachutes represent preparation,
readiness or support from outside
For example
if it is a ground breaking
new business venture
you are attempting then
if you cover all the possibilities
and use caution you can succeed
Or if your marriage is in trouble
there are Friends/family/councillors
and if all else fails divorce - to save you
Listed above are options
there are several empty columns
so feel free - add your own
We are constantly faced
with opportunities and decisions
and there must be something
you have always wanted to try
If you do not try, you can not succeed
So go on!
Take the

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