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Practice makes perfect.

I have used this many times proven proverb to illustrate
that success in life is increased by practice
whether it be in your personal life or success in your business ventures.
The goal could be running the marathon 5 minutes faster than the last time you ran it
or your business making a successful entry into new and foreign markets.
The higher you aim - the higher the rewards and the smaller the opening in the rock face.
The further your ambitions extend - the more difficult it will be to aim your shot.
No matter how much information you gather about the techniques of long distance running
how much water to drink or what your average time/km should be
without practice you will never succeed.
Likewise no survey, research or advisor can tell
for definite whether your business idea will succeed
the only way to gauge actual success in business is to try it and then judge the result
even if you fail the first time learn from it and try again
Practice makes perfect is true in all aspects of life

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