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One moment in time.

If Mankind is all people who ever existed
Then this drawing is meant to be a cross section thru’ mankind at One Moment in Time
The Map has three parts -
The Outside Edge
The Middle
The Inside Edge

The Outside Edge - is made up of people who have made a difference to our Physical world
For example - Someone - at one moment in time must have been the first to make Fire and there WAS a day when the first wheel turned - In our own era the atom was split and telecommunications have reached such a level of sophistication that the vast pool of mankind’s knowledge is now readily available to all people everywhere
The Middle - is made up of those milloins of us who exist and only add
our unique personal experiences to the knowledge
The Inside Edge - Is made up of those who shape our Psychic world:-
What we believe - what we like - what makes us happy or afraid
Here the contributors include- Religious Leaders - Great Thinkers - Writers - Artists - Muscisians

My Grandmother was alive before the first telephone was brought to her villiage - she died in the spring of 2000 having seen monumental changes both in what we believe to be truth
and what we can do with the physical knowledge we have gained
This map is to remind us that if you take the development of mankind as a series of steps
Then the difference between mankind’s first ever step and where we are today
Is so immense that what is yet to come is............................?

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