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If I only had time

Not only would I save the Whale (27) Recycle everything (33) and grow my own vegetables (15) 
But it always seems to be “Time” or the lack of it - which prevents me from doing these worthwhile things
which make a difference to my environment and that of my children.
My “Quality of life” and that of others around me is neglected because I do not have enough time
To begin with for myself: I would learn Yoga  (34) - take better care of my body (17) and learn to play the piano (35)
For those around us - How often do we say? - “I’ll call in and see you soon”
“We must get together next week” (22) or “The children don’t know their own cousins!” 
We are free, we can choose - Perhaps it  is time to look differently at how we spend our “Time” 
and to make conscious decisions about how to spend it
instead of constantly saying
“If I only had time....................

550mm x 450mm - Large - Limited Edition 1/500 - 1998áá

Limited Edition Print 1/500
Signed and numbered

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