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Good luck

Reaching 21 is not just an other birthday... so they say!!!   
Up till now there has been someone telling you what you can and can not do
As a baby when to sleep-when to be awake-when to eat
As a toddler what you can & can not break or even touch!
As a school child what to learn and how to learn it  - As a teen-ager how and whom to start a relationship with
Later you find out for yourself just how far to push the barriers & what to rebel against
Then one day it all changes
With only about 7670 days of practice - You are deemed ready to do it yourself
You can now sleep when and with whom you want - 
eat and drink what you want.........but
You can touch and break what you want............but
What or if you want to learn becomes your choice..........but
The choice of partner is now expanded to include the whole world..........but
There are no barriers except those you put on yourself...........but
....Only this one rule remains-  You are now legally and morally responsible for all your own actions
From now on the buck stops with you!
Whatever you want - See it all - Do it all  and be it all  -  but...........Be selective and have a great life 
(“Good luck” Just in case you need it)

Limited Edition Prints 1/500 - ​Signed & Numbered by the Artist

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