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Good Friends

A friend is special
A good friend is very special
The most important thing
about a good friend
is that she always
has time to listen -
any time - anywhere
She never tires of hearing
what is happening to you
After that she is great
when you need someone to:
Go out with or
just to meet up with
To try new recipes on or
to meet for a quick lunch
To share a good book with
horror or romance alike
or get all dressed up
and go ‘Posh’ shopping with
To give you a make-over
when you are down and
to listen to you rabbit on
when you are happy
To meet for a coffee and
completely safe to confide in
She will come running when you have
a (nother) broken heart
or in time of deepest despair
She will support you when you stand up
for your rights and
understand when you have bitten off
more than you can chew
She will laugh with you when you try out
the latest fashion in underwear!
and cry when you complain to about
‘The Boss”.....Lack of money
or the unfairness of life
A good friend transcends all other relationships!
Boyfriends - partners - husbands
A good friend is forever

The words may be found on the back of the Print

Limited Edition Prints 1/500 - Series 1 - Signed & Numbered by the Artist

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