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Time out
There comes a time when pushing on
will result in less progress
When stopping is a positive move
When recharging your batteries
means more speed in the  future
So heed the signs
when the signs are there
Do stop and take a well earned
Time - Out


Take The Plunge

Limited Print 1/500


Leap of faith

Wedding Anniversary

Each year together
Like a step on a winding stairway
Full to the brim with memories and emotions
Love and laughter
comfort and excitement
" you remember the day"
and "Will I ever forget..."
Some sad times - not forgotten
but easier when shared
And always outnumbered by happier times
Life like a stairway
goes ever on to the future
A future with so much still to enjoy


Raw power exists in untold abundance within the elements of our world
One of Mankind's greatest powers is imagination - The ability to take a jump into the unknown
To have faith and trust in ourselves
To seek and find out what lies beyond the end of knowledge
Harnessing these powers
Unifying and leading them in an inspired direction -
has been and still is the road to our futures
Leadership is essential to progress


"Lips" small cards with envelopes

I do not understand

Big Picture

NEW Print
Making up
Breaking up and making up
My heart belongs to you
Being apart only proves 
We were meant to be together

NEW Print

This is a NEW print in the Friendship Series
I particularly like this image because it shows both the friend in trouble
AND immediate help!
There is nothing more valuable than a friend when you are feeling low
and they always manage to make you feel so much better - just by being there to listen



Anniversary Waltz!

6 Cat Prints!

1/750 Limited Edition Print New Print just launched

Celtic Love Knot


My Valentine
You are now and always will be my Valentine



Going on in the Workshop!

Window Display Banner

New Images for Valentines 


Keeping in Touch
Always on my mind



Keeping in Touch
Always on my mind



New Print "A Hand" will be
available in shops 2016



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It's never too late



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Against all odds

1/750 Limited Edition Print New Print just launched

Celtic Love Knot

"Lips" small cards with envelopes

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