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Welcome to my homepage

Someone asked me why do I draw?  
"Why" never ocurred to me - I have always had an irrisistable urge to drawn!
Ever since I can remember I have made drawings of whatever was on my mind
ng back now - it was probably my way of trying to understand 
what was on my mind - what I wanted - where I hoped my future might lie
In a drawing everything is possible - a bit like daydreaming I suppose
I am an optimist
I always had support from my family - in the choices I made growing up
Positive thinking was the norm - a strong work ethics was all around me

I see Life as a series of images
and there is always a silver lining - somewhere - even when Life throws a spanner in the works
I tend to see a positive side

I hope some of this shines through in my drawings and probably even more in my words
I hope you like my work

Ladders to Success
Enjoy each challenge
on your way to the top
Because when you get there
and look back
It is the challenges
you will cherish
and the journey itself
you will miss!

Bring a friend!

Foat your boat!

One road together - Rainbow
Here a female couple but 

also available for
Male Couple


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New Starsign Series

Mothers Day Special

The guy up the ladder
is trying to complete
the twenty piece jigsaw

of an Irish Shamrock which
is the symbol of Ireland
With your eye you should be able
to complete it for him
using the piece he is about to place
and the other three pieces on the ground

If you have failed,
here is the answer:-

The piece he is carrying
goes in the bottom
right hand corner
The piece closest to him
on the ground
goes in the second row
from the top
second in from the right
The middle piece on the ground
goes second in from
the right, bottom row
The last piece
on the ground
goes top right
hand corner!

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

In a relationship
between two people
Your commitment is something
only you, yourself can give
It is not always an easy thing to do
But when two people
make a commitment to each other

Missing you 

Romance is in the air....

Perfect for Valentines

Not only can he see what he wants,
but the tools he needs
to break the glass
and get what he wants are
just outside the jar.

He can see what he wants - but he can't have it!

Fortune favours the Brave!

If at first...
Limited Edition Print 1/500

Zodiac Framed Prints



I love you this much

The Quest
Set of two pots 20" tall

There are still some Ceramic Pots
left in the sale

Guardian Angel

The Four Seasons on a staircase!


The Dinner party
The flat is spotless
The ambience is warm

The table is set - The music is soft
The candles are lit
The cork is pulled

The menu is aromatic
The drinks are sufficient

It is good company that
makes dinner - a Party!

If I only had time

Problem Solved 1/500


Missing you 2009

Marriage 1994  1/200

Life 1994

The Human Race - 1997

The Optimist and the Pessimist.


The Party - 1999

'8 Jars'


It takes all sorts
This drawing shows 40 images of man
Representing different personality types
All just a little different
No two the same
One sitting down reading a paper
and the next eating a banana
The rest all standing
This is to illustrate that
although we may not like
all the people we meet
and have to deal with everyday
Life would not be as exciting
if we were all the same
It takes all sorts to make life what it is!
If you were asked to select one
to represent yourself................
( 9 out of 10 choose the man reading the paper
- because he is the safest )

ALL 12 Starsigns

Do not give up

Grey Lady

My new BLOG
Comments welcome!


My Hero
To find the one
Is everyones dream
To be the one
Is a dream come true

When you meet the right one
When there is no doubt
When your life will have to change to stay the same
When apart is not an option
​Compromise is an answer


Limited Print 1l500


"Following my dream"
The journey through Life
is not always easy
It can be a definite struggle at times
But if you can choose
a path which allows you
to follow your own dream along the way
Then those tough times
seem to be outweighed
by the joys of your achievements
So that when Life 'Throws a spanner'
and threatens your tranquility
Always remember
Your Dream is still there
Your path is always Yours to choose

Time out 
There comes a time when pushing on
will result in less progress
When stopping is a positive move
When recharging your batteries
means more speed in the  future
So heed the signs
when the signs are there
Do stop and take a well earned
Time - Out

Time Out ( 2 )

Limited Print 1/750


Hang on
When you are not alone
When someone is there - to help you
if you can hang on - just a little longer
Then all that went before
will have been worthwhile
and you will achieve your goal

Hang On

Limited Print 1/500


Perfect Match
You do not have to be exactly the same
You just need to be a good combination

Perfect Match

Limited Print 1/750



Limited Print 1/750


Sometimes All You Need Is A Hug

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Exhibition Photos
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Power of Love

The Power of Love
Can carry you
anywhere you want to go

New Sizes
39.95, 59.95 and 79.95



NEW Drawing

New Promotion
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Take the plunge
Limited Edition Print 1/500


Leap of faith

Just back from the framer!

Raw power exists in untold abundance
within the elements of our world
One of Mankind's greatest powers is imagination
The ability to take a jump into the unknown
To have faith and trust in ourselves
To seek and find out what lies
beyond the end of knowledge
Harnessing these powers
Unifying and leading them
in an inspired direction -
has been and still is the road to our futures
Leadership is essential to progress

New Limited Edition Print

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"Lips" Small signed card

New Featured Print

"I do not understand"

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