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Unfinished Sculpture  white

Unfinished Sculpture - White
I have used a total of 478 female forms
to illustrate how I imagine a sculptor might sculpt a woman
There might be three direct influences
Material - A Model and Experience
Firstly - Material - Stone would behave differently when shaped
than wood or clay or any other material
It is Represented here by the smallest solid figures
at the unfinished base of this sculpture
Secondly - The Model - Represented here by the largest figure
Shaded - because Her shape would greatly influence the work
Thirdly - Experience - In the sculptor’s mind
would be a memory of every female shape seen
Represented here by the background of outlined figures
which become solid when they form part of The Unfinished Sculpture

Title:  Unfinished Sculpture white

Limited Edition Size:  1 ⁄ 950

Framed Print Size:  480mm x 735mm
Unframed Print Size:  450mm x 640mm

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