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New arrival
Expecting is a wonderful time
Preparing for the actual day is fun
Waiting for the day to arrive is exciting

But nothing at all in this world can prepare you

For feeling of sheer joy and boundless love
Which arrives when .........
your very own baby is born

Size Comparison

Title:  New arrival

Limited Edition Size:  1 ⁄ 750

Framed Print Size:  180mm x 385mm
Unframed Print Size:  106mm x 300mm
Framed Large Size:  270mm x 820mm
Unfamed Large Size:  225mm x 640mm

Available?  Yes

Framed: €54.00

Framed Large: €159.00

Tube Large: €59.97

Mount: €37.99

Framed Med: €79.95

Tube Medium: €39.95

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