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Gemini III


May 21 - June 20
 motto “I think......”

General characteristics associated with Gemini
Positive qualities
Adaptable & Versatile
Intelligent & Inquisitive
Communicative & Witty
Youthful & Lively
but can be
Impatient & Restless

For entertainment only


Title:  Gemini III

Limited Edition Size:  1 ⁄ 750

Framed Print Size:  180mm x 385mm
Unframed Print Size:  106mm x 300mm
Framed Large Size:  270mm x 820mm
Unfamed Large Size:  225mm x 640mm

Available?  Yes

Framed: €54.00

Framed Large: €159.00

Tube Large: €59.97

Mount: €37.99

Framed Med: €79.95

Tube Medium: €39.95

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