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100% of profit from all prints sold will go to support the research team at the
National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI).

Do not give up    
Life is a journey not a destination - Someone said    
The darkest hour is just before dawn    
and we have all been awake at dawn, sometime    
But every tide does turn and there is light at the end of the tunnel    

Why would someone bother to write all these clichés?    
Remember you are not the first    
You will not be the last    

No matter how small or how big your personal mountain is   
Do not give up    
Climb it

This is what they look like - Framed - With mount and Large Framed:-

Title:  Do not give up NBCRI

Limited Edition Size:  1 ⁄ 300

Framed Print Size:  330mm x 230mm
Unframed Print Size:  212mm x 106mm
Unfamed Large Size:  450mm x 320mm

Available?  Yes

Framed: €50.77

Framed Large: €81.27

Mount: €25.36

Framed Med: €81.27

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