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Aries III


March 21 - April 19    
motto “I am.......”    

General characteristics associated with Aries are -    
Positive qualities    
A leader with initiative    
Pioneering & Competitive    
Courageuos & Daring    
Confident & Dynamic    
but -
Does not like to be told what to do

For entertainment only    


These words as well as "Others who share the same starsign" are Typeset and placed on the back of your print

Title:  Aries III

Limited Edition Size:  1 ⁄ 750

Framed Print Size:  180mm x 385mm
Unframed Print Size:  106mm x 300mm
Framed Large Size:  270mm x 820mm
Unfamed Large Size:  225mm x 640mm

Available?  Yes

Framed: €54.00

Framed Large: €159.00

Tube Large: €59.97

Mount: €37.99

Framed Med: €79.95

Tube Medium: €39.95

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